Hi musicians!  My name is Laura Readyoff and I am the director of the NoVa Strings Youth Ensemble.  I am looking forward to getting to know each of you!   This year I want to inspire you, challenge you, and create a renewed passion for you for music.  I will meet you where you are musically (intermediate or advanced player) and together we will create a great youth orchestra. 


This ensemble is different from others in the area.  We are inclusive which means anyone can join.  There is a short informal audition for students.  The goal is to create a high caliber orchestra without the pressure.  The ensemble will meet once every other week in order to alleviate some of the burdens of schoolwork you face as a student.


My style of teaching and conducting is always filled with joy and fun.  I look at the orchestra as a team and my job is to give you the tools to create beautiful music in a relaxed, atmosphere.  Your part on the team is to practice, be prepared, and come with a positive attitude ready to learn.   


My objectives are:

To give you confidence in your abilities.

To see you flourish as a musician. 

To unveil to you new and interesting music. 

To instill in you a love for music.

To expand your overall understanding and depth of each piece.

To provide a place where you are part of something bigger than yourself. 


I hope you will join for a great 2020-2021 concert season!


Warmest Regards,

Laura Readyoff 


NoVa String Youth Ensemble 



NoVa Youth Ensembles

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