Hi musicians!  My name is Laura Readyoff and I am the director of the Herndon Regional Youth Orchestra.  I am looking forward to getting to know each of you!   This year I want to inspire you, challenge you, and create a renewed passion in you for music.  I will meet you where you are musically (intermediate or advanced player) and together we will create great youth orchestra. 


This ensemble is different from others in the area.  We are inclusive which means anyone can join.  There is a short informal audition for students.  The goal was to create a high caliber orchestra without the pressure.  The ensemble will meet once every other week in order to alleviate some of the burdens of schoolwork you face as a student.


My style of teaching and conducting is always filled with joy and fun.  I look at the orchestra as a team and my job is to give you the tools to create beautiful music in a relaxed, atmosphere.  Your part on the team is to practice, be prepared and come with a positive attitude ready to learn.   


My objectives are:

To give you confidence in your abilities.

To see you flourish as a musician. 

To unveil to you new and interesting music. 

To instill in you a love for music.

To expand your overall understanding and depth of each piece.

To provide a place where you are part of something bigger than yourself. 


I hope you will join for a great 2019-20 concert season!


Warmest Regards,

Laura Readyoff 


Herndon Regional Youth Orchestra 



Herndon Regional Youth Orchestra

1141 Elden St. 212 

Herndon VA 20170



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