Policies and Release Form

Attendance Policy
An orchestra is a team requiring consistent attendance by every one of its members. Any absence has an adverse impact on the quality of preparation and performance. Check your calendar before the first rehearsal of each concert session before committing to the ensemble. 
• Attendance at all concerts and final dress rehearsal is required.
• Attendance at all rehearsals is expected. However, illness, school activities, or other extenuating circumstances do allow for a member to miss rehearsals. 
• If you are absent kindly notify HRYO prior to the rehearsal. 



Tuition is non-refundable. No exceptions. 

• Arrive 10 minutes before rehearsal start time to tune and warm-up. 
• Always bring a pencil and your music folder. 
• Please bring a music stand.  

Cancellation of Rehearsal
If there is a need to cancel an HRYO rehearsal due to inclement weather please check the HRYO website. 

Printed Music
• Music is distributed to members at rehearsals. 
• Mark parts in pencil only. 
• All music must be returned at the end of each concert session. 
• Music is provided to members for educational purposes only. 

Advance Preparation
• Musicians will commit to learning their part thoroughly.  
• Musicians commit to asking the private teacher to help with difficult passages. If the musician does not have a teacher, we will also assist by bringing in guest mentors/teachers.
• Musicians must continue to practice orchestra piece(s) outside of rehearsal time.
• Musicians will seek out recorded performances of the HRYO repertoire when available and listen as part of preparation. (YouTube, Amazon.com, iTunes, jwpepper.com, and local library are good sources).

Dress Code
For concerts, the following attire is required of musicians:
1. White long sleeve dress shirt

2. Black dress pants
2. Black tie or bowtie
3. Black socks 
4. Black dress shoes
B. Hair should be neatly groomed 
1. A black dress or two-piece ensemble with long or three-quarter length sleeve (below the elbow).

2. Black dress pants and a black blouse are also acceptable. 

2. Black shoes and black hosiery

All dresses should be modest

Code of Conduct
Members of Herndon Regional Youth Orchestra must conduct themselves in a manner that is respectful of the conductor, coaches, mentors, parents, volunteers, and fellow members. This includes all HRYO-sponsored activities and in virtual media including Facebook and other social outlets.

Use care and attention in handling of instruments. Respect the property of others, especially the facilities and venues where HRYO rehearses and performs. 

Members are not permitted to leave the rehearsal site during the scheduled rehearsal time.

All members must silence cell phones upon entering a rehearsal or concert venue, put them in a secure location (purse, pocket, or instrument case) and leave them there until leaving the building. 



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